About us

We are Nádia and Nélia, two sisters born in Mozambique and raised in Portugal, with our bare feet sitting firmly on the ground and our eyes focused on the world.

Inspired by the experiences of our childhood, we grow and live among the textures, smells, smiles, feet in the sand and all the images that bind us to Africa, the same ones that we see today recreated in the patterns of the capulanas.

With its shapes, colours and figures with concepts that stimulate our imagination, they are like a book of memories full of emotions. For all this, the capulanas have a decisive role in the creative process of our brand.

Thus was born Massoco, which means news.

A brand of fun and versatile garments and accessories that revive Africa in each capulana, always attentive to fashion details that make it unusual.

Created and produced in a lively atmosphere, Massoco respects the individuality of all those who seek an experience of freedom, allowing them to tell their own story through our products.

We are Massoco and this is our story. Be part of it.